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Transalp Transformation

So what happens here? We had a normal Transalp with the normal tank, someone we met in the endless Internet had an Africa Twin Tank installed but she didn´t really need it and on top of it her legs have been a bit toooooo long so she touched the tank with her knees, we decided to swop everything… A super Win/Win situation, everybody is happy! Life can be so easy sometimes!


Maintenance on our veranda – shocking noise and a pale looking Sascha

Two weeks ago after work we brought Kerstin’s Honda Transalp on to our veranda to work on our `to do list´: new brake lines, revision of the fork, new horn.

When we finished the fork revision and front break line it was nearly sunset and we decided to continue the next morning before we go for a test ride. The weather forecast was great, finally spring is coming and we were really looking forward to enjoy the most of the weekend driving. When Sascha was tightening the fork bridge there was suddenly this horrible sound: “KRACK!!!” and his face turned immediate pale. The fork bridge was spit in two pieces and the Torque Wrench which Kerstin lent from a colleague was lying unused in the living room… what to say?!? Sascha was telling me: `OK, we won´t get this part ever… from now on you have to sit behind me again´ and he was totally serious (no I was NOT, just totally fu…Up!!!).

Rotational he started to shout and running around like a headless cock. It was UNREAL! Few moments later he was in the internet and placed help calls all over. Thanks to the great community all around we managed to find a used fork bridge on Saturday noon and already Monday it arrived via DHL Express and we were able to fit it (This time Sascha used the Torque Wrench!!!). Hurray! I will not have to be a pillion again, hihi! The time in-between we couldn’t spend driving but we fixed the Steel Flex Break lines and I cleaned the bike in all corners and I got a new great sounding exhaust and a dog fighting horn (110dbz+ ;) – yeah, here I go now!

Two weeks ago we asked our neighbor to use his garage for 3-4 hours. The task list on Sascha’s AT was: fork oil change, Oil change etc… nearly finished he recognized… the steering bearing was totally wracked. Kerstin hopped in the car and picked one up at the nearest dealer – all went well in the end even though it took us 9-10 hours instead of the planned 3h.  puhh

Now we nearly finished most of the main tasks and knock on wood we hopefully not have much more surprises. Last weekend a big tank for Kerstin’s´ Transalp was scheduled – if everything goes well we will just swop it with somebody who wants her bike back to original and both sides will be happy… this appointment was one more reason needed the bike running again quickly. Cross fingers! In the near future we have to have a look at Kerstin´s boxes – the plan is to exchange the plastic Givi against some Aluminum cases… but we will see what we can find.

But this is another story which will follow soon…

New Post “About us…”

The new “About us” page is online
have  a look if you like ;)

Map of the trip Rumania 2016

Nearly 4.500km done… what a ride…


Romania – II. Land of Dracula, Mountain Passes and Danube´s Boilers

_img_1660_dxoAfter the Black Sea we were heading back inland. Still some of the most spectacular Mountain Passes were waiting for us but before we wanted to visit Gavin and his wife Andrea living next to Brasov, who invited us to stay with them. On the way to them we stopped at the Mud Volcanos at Buzau County which were formed from the eruption of gases; an unreal lunar-like landscape. The gas pushes the water and the clay to the surface and creating small cones. Gavin is British and living since many years in Romania and was travelling with his motorcycle diverse countries. We had some real nice evenings together while we were exploring the surroundings of Brasov on day trips such as Transbucegi or the area of Bran Castle.

About our next destination we heard and read a lot already and it is probably a must for any motorcyclist visiting Romania: The passes of the Carpathian Mountains Transfagasrasan and Transalpina. We ready ourselves and reckon with a lot of traffic. Not sure if we were just lucky or if it was because of the time of the year but it wasn’t much traffic at all and we really enjoyed the riding and had several stops to relish the beautiful views. The Transfagarasan is 91km long and passes through the highest mountain group of Romania, the Fagaras Mountains. At the initiative of Nicolae Ceaucescu this road was built while using 6520 tons of dynamite and 40 workers died during the construction. The highest road is the Transalpina which reaches the attitude of 2145m at the Udele Pass; both mountain routes have a charm of its own and are closed during the winter.  Apropos weather – we had sunny days only so far and even up here still around 25°C.

One more destination we really did not want to miss: The Danube´s Boilers; located south west of Romania at the Serbian border. Gavin highly recommended driving along the Danube on the Serbian side. But for some reason the decision was to stay in Romania (we need a reason to come back and travel Serbia as well :) One of the first attractions from the banks of the Danube River is the Statue of Decebal, the last King of the Dacians. The route is really scenic, fantastic landscape with caves and stone carved shapes and again we were surprised how little traffic we had, often it was just us on the road.

One day of rain: on the way towards north again we had a grey sky and stormy wind. But we continued. Partially it was pretty uncomfortable but nearly as a return we caught a sight of a curious looking house in the middle of nowhere and we stopped. An old man and a dog were coming out, talking to us and making inviting gesticulates. His name is Achim Emilian and he founded his private museum. A collection of incredible many things lovingly displayed relicts of several centuries and each single piece accompanied with a story by Achim.  About 2 hours we spend with him, listening to each other and laughing together. A MUST TO SEE and TO MEET! Don’t be shy: Achim Emilian, Loc. Almasu Mare Nr. 109, COD: 517030, Jud. Alba

As a closure of the journey we wanted to visit the Turda Saltmine close to Cluj-Napoce. The mine being first mentioned in 1075 and it was renovated and it reopened its doors in 2010 and is now a history museum of salt mining. Clearly it was time to go direction Vienna and for the way back we chose little roads winding along the north of the Apuseni Mountains close to where we started about 3 weeks ago. That was where “our muddy dog story” happened which you might have heard about already (it was posted on Facebook, RTWbyBIKE.com).

Romania is a real beautiful multifaceted country and it is not easy to recommend any specific place as there are so many – and probably still many places nobody talks about. Just follow your nose and take time for stops and chats. There are wild dogs, yes. They are not pleasant towards motorbikes and you should pay attention – but it is definitely not a reason not to go.

On the way back to Vienna we thought it could be nice to have a stop at the famous Balaton, Hungary just for the sunset a jump into the water and a nice dinner. But hey, EVERYTHING was closed, the camps and the pensions. For an hour we were looking around and if they offered us a room it was completely overpriced and a muggy stinky place. It turned dark and so we decided to continue north direction Vienna and looking for anything along the road. In the end we stayed in a Hotel which was not cheap but as well not run-down and therefore worth the money. Our last day was reserved for BigTom who travelled 4 years with on his bike and settled now again close to Vienna. We were pleased to see him again and spend a wonderful relaxed time together.

Thanks to everybody we met along this trip. Again we met only friendly open people who made our little journey to another great experience!