Auckland City

Hello, just some pictures from us going through Auckland City.



The bike already arrived but it´s still in the harbour… Two days to go before we hit the road…





Arrival summery at the 5th day in Auckland, New Zealand

After the flight from Düsseldorf via Heathrow and Los Angeles which took us 35 real hours where we were sleeping max five hours  we arrived a bit dizzy but happy at 6am local time at Auckland Airport. Our friend Dazz was already waiting for us and brought us home to his place where we were cordially received by his parents Gabriele and Bob.  To prevent a jetlag for more days we preferred to stay awake for the rest of the day and get into the local time as fast as possible. After a cup of coffee Dazz took us immediately around in his car the whole day and we felt like dreaming: such an incredible amazing landscape!!! One moment we drive through jungle forests and stopping in front of a water fall (Hunua), next second you are at the beach site and around the corner is the farmland with his endless green hills like we all know it as “Hobbiton”…

Today it`s the fifth day already, the first rainy day – time is passing incredible fast – and time for us to catching up what we experienced the last days. Thanks to Dazz we have seen already so many different places and we were doing many different things… going to the local market in Manurewa, spending time at many different beaches, doing kite surfing with a shark around, fishing with his lovely father Bob where we cached a manta ray which we leave back for freedom, enjoying hot pools… AND we found a “home“ beyond words: Dazz and his hospitably parents, while waiting for our motorbike arrival.

Unfortunately we were informed yesterday that the boat with our motorbike on is having a delay; ETA is now the 5th of November. Not to overstay Dazz family´s welcome even though they say it´s not a problem we think of renting a car and getting around for a couple of days… we will see! First we are once more invited for dinner today and tomorrow we will go to have a closer look at Auckland city center what we haven’t done yet…

… and it continues!

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