Got the bike finally


The inspection itself tok 5 minutes, the guy said that he never seen a cleaner bike and that this is funtastic.

Them the nighmare started. “Where is your truck” they asked. What truck? … OK after severall houres and with the Help of our friend Darren we could get it out on the street and finally WE ARE LEAVING NOW!

Thanks to Darren and his family we had the best time in New Zealand! Ok, we have to leave now…

Getting out our motorbike hopefully today

More than one week delay of our motorbike arrival couldn’t bar us from exploring the wider surroundings of Auckland. Our lovely new friend, Febe, lent her great van to us in which we were travelling around; we found amazing places to stay for the nights, incredible beaches and we met several nice people on the way already: Fishermen who passed us a snapper for dinner when we were enjoying our spot – perhaps we were looking poor in our rain coats watching them coming back from their successful fishing trip ;-) THANK YOU unknown fisherman – we had a delicious dinner!!! In between we came home to our lovely Kiwi-parents, Gabe and Bob, who took us around Auckland and pampered us all around and we enjoyed Febe´s house warming barbecue. But enough words for the first here… if you like enjoy the pictures and imagine how it was…

We will leave now with Bob and hopefully we will get our bike in good condition back – finally! If everything goes well, we will leave today direction Northland to hit the road first time with our big lady… knock on wood!



… and it continues!

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