Beautiful Andes – we stick to them as long as possible

It is truly a region you easily can fell in love with if you like nature, mountains, lakes, wild rivers, horses, dogs AND the friendly open minded Argentinians. Already when we entered Argentina the first time back in January we were wondering about the cars and trucks coming towards us were waving and using the flash light or horning. In the beginning we were alerted thinking there is maybe a police check upcoming or something on our bikes is wrong… but NO, they only want to greet you and showing their sympathy. And if you stop at any cross light they open their windows to talk to you and showing thumps up. The Argentinians are incredible welcoming you and always interested and excited.

Pretty soon we learned how to prepare a good asado (BBQ) and you can be pretty sure that each house in Argentina is having an asado place. The meat which they have here is really good (Kerstin never had that much meat before in her all life) and the wine doesn’t rank behind. We really enjoy it even though we did not adapt the time of doing the asado.  The Argentines eat really late and Restaurants are often not open before 8pm. The opening time of the shops can challenge you as well. They close around noon mostly sharp at 1pm – ALL the shops. If you are lucky they open up at 5pm sometimes only 6pm or even later. So you have deal with it and either stock up or drive out again later for shopping.

We were facing the reality that our journey will come to an end soon. Sascha needs to be back in the office in June and we still need to find a new flat in Hamburg. We had to start organizing the transport of the bikes, the flights for us and our arrival home. So we skipped the idea to drive up to Brazil and Uruguay and stayed instead in the Andes. Here we found gorgeous places where we could combine enjoying our last days as best as possible and at the same time having internet and being able to do whatever we have to do.

On Easter Sunday we thought it is a good opportunity to ride a last time up an Andes Pass. El Paso Sistema Cristo Redentor connects Mendoza in Argentina with Santiago in Chile. Shortly before you cross the border you can ride up a steep sandy dirt road to “Christ the Redeemer of the Andes”; the road climbs 1 km over a sinuous 9 km from Las Cuevas to the pass. It is a monument high in the Andes at 3,832 meters and unveiled on 13 March 1904 as a celebration of the peaceful resolution of the border dispute between the two countries. We had a great day and ride except one drop of bitterness: while riding uphill behind a stinky slow truck for a while we overtook though two solid yellow lines… and guess what! Yep the police was just waiting for us uphill around the corner. We each got a ticket over 170 Dollar – AUTSCH! We could not talk us out and while we tried they caught another Motorcyclist… That was an expensive Easter-trip and Kerstin received her first ticked of her life in Argentina hey!

If you have a look at the pictures you will probably understand why it is so hard for us leaving this region. We hope you enjoy the pictures….

Wohnung gesucht in Hamburg!!!

Ab Juni muss Sascha wieder im Büro sitzen und wir organisieren gerade die Verschiffung unserer Motorräder von Südamerika nach Hause (wahrscheinlich 1. Mai Woche). Nach Hause ist relativ, haben wir ja keine Unterkunft momentan… Wer also etwas weiß, jemanden kennt, irgendeinen Tip hat – jede Hilfe ist wilkommen!!! Hier mal ein paar Eckdaten, was wir suchen.

Wohnung 65m²+, hell, ruhig, gerne mit Terasse/Garten/Balkon

Hamburg oder auch Großraum (wenn öffentliche Verkehrsanbindung ins Zentrum (HBF) vorhanden)

Unterstellplatz (sicherer Hof, Garage, Carport) für unsere zwei treuen Motorräder

Davon abgesehen brauchen wir für unsere ersten paar Tage einen relativ zentralen Unterschlupf für die Wohnungssuche und Kerstins Jobsuche… (und Stellplatz für die 2 Motorräder :) Gerne auch ein Gartenhäuschen für 2-3 Wochen.

Kennt da jemand jemanden der jemand kennt und da irgendwas hat? ;) Darf gerne geteilt werden!!!

Vielen Dank und bis die Tage

Kerstin und Sascha

Flat wanted in Hamburg for us and our motorcycletas

Sascha has to be back in the office from June and we are currently organizing the shipment of our motorcycles from South America to Hamburg (probably 1st week of May). Home is relative, we have no accommodation at the moment … So if you know something or someone who has an flat on offer in Hamburg – any help is welcome! Here are a few key data, what we are looking for.

Apartment 65m² +, bright, quiet, with terrace / garden / balcony

Hamburg city or close to it (if public transport connections to the center (HBF) are available)

Parking space (secure yard, garage, carport) for our two loyal motorcycles

Apart from that, we need for our first few days a relatively central shelter for finding a place to live and for Kerstin’s job search … (and parking space for the 2 motorcycles :) Also a garden shed for 2-3 weeks would do the job.

Does anyone know someone who knows someone and has something there? ;) May like to be shared!!!

Thanks a lot and see you until the days

Kerstin and Sascha

By the way below you can find some pictures of our last weeks. After we left Fin del Mundo/ Ushuaia along the coast road 3 strong wind was challenging us. The coast scenery is not so spectacular neither so we shortly decided to go back to the Andes. We do enjoy this area a lot and could imagine staying much much longer here. But we have to face reality and start to organize our way back home. We are sad that this journey comes to an end so soon – however we are looking forward to meet family, friends and many lovely people again.

We rarely had internet and so we decided to stay for some days here in San Martin de Andes in the lovely garden house of Graciela to work on that and our last part of the route…

… and it continues!

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