The bike will leave us tomorow ;°°°°°(

Nothing else we can do for the moment:  Every screw is cleaned and polished in every single corner, shining like new (is this our bike? ;-) modified as we need it for the trip and ready to go into the crate tomorrow and get picked up by the truck… and we really pray that the guy will know well what he is doing!

Goodbye Prague – Ahoj Germany, Düsseldorf/Erkrath!

Hello, Here comes our real first post, not really on the road yet but somehow we are … Most of our goods are stored now in Hamburg – Thank you again Ansgar and Dietke!!! Thanks to Radek, who was supporting us with his bus and his great help on the moving trip from Prague to Hamburg, back to Prague, Prague to Düsseldorf with picking up the motorbike box close by Frankfurt: 2400 km in 32 hours, we changed our base for the next upcoming weeks. And a big THANKS to all the other and their great helping hands while loading and unloading!!! The first week in Germany passed already – no more working days in the office, hurray! And we were able to manage already quite many things: getting our self and the bike registered, got the technical inspection for the bike, applied for the international driving license, got the Read More …